No more judging ~ get closer video

I love this ‘get closer’ video, yes it is an ad but the message is quite powerful – watch it and see what you think

I wonder if we would have given him as many hugs if he hadn’t been in the bear suit…sadly I would say no. As adults we judge, mostly because we do not understand or take the time to understand. How do we expect our children not to judge someone who is different, if that is what they see us doing?

Teach your children, by your actions, not to judge but to be kind, to care and to show compassion…to take the time to understand, to say hello…

How powerful this could be…your thoughts

Be there for each other ~ To help stop bullying

help stop bullyingIt’s a new year and time to remind ourselves of our commitment to help stop bullying.

If you are a parent, keep in touch with your children, don’t let the busyness of life to get in the way that you stop communicating with them. Teach them respect, kindness, goodness, teach them confidence and how to stand tall. Show them how to help others, how to be kind. Talk about what bullying is and what to do if they are bullied or see someone else bullied or picked on.

Don’t forget to tell them every day how amazing they are and what you love about them…

If you are a student…look out for others. If you see someone on their own, don’t be afraid to step up and show some kindness…you never know how much that kindness might help that person, impact their life, maybe even save their life. Look out for your friends, if they are don’t seem right, ask them if they are OK.

We all need to be there for each other, to help, to care for, to love. If we cannot do this for each other, family, friends…then what is life all about.

…what are you going to do to help stop bullying this year?

Steve Jobs: How to live…

This is a great video to watch and to show you teens.

Steve Jobs tells 3 stories from his life…and his messages are clear:

– Look forward not back
– Never give up
– Don’t let rejection stop you
– Don’t waste you life living someone else’s dreams

Watch it, it’s inspiring. Love to hear your thoughts…

Help with bullying ~ part 2

Most parents like to believe that there is a strong bond of communication between their child and themselves; and most parents do have this. But as with much of the communication between people who are close, we can become less focused, too busy, or we get used to having those we love around and sometimes forget the importance of that deeper level communication.

It might be time to stop and think truthfully about how things are.

Parent/child communication is wrought with twists and turns; there are the different roles we play, age differences, and how you as a parent are perceived by your child. Are you the boss, the authority figure, a friend, or someone else to your child?

Knowing HOW to communicate with your child or teen is as important as WHY you need to communicate. Continue reading

Your Children Need Help with Bullying

Boy needs help with bullyingYour children need help with bullying. In order to get this help, they need to be able to talk to you about what is going on in their lives…in order for this to happen you need to have effective communication. This means that they are happy to come to you and talk to you about what is happening and know you will be able to help.

If you don’t have much communication at home…your child or teen is probably not going to let you know what is going on and then you can’t help with bullying.

So what to do? Work on the communication part every day. Continue reading

How to stop bullying?

If you are asking about ‘how to stop bullying‘ one of the keys is to not be silent about the bullying! Let someone know it is happening…talk to someone that you trust.

As a parent let your children know that they can talk to you if they are being bullied. Keep those communication lines open with them so that they can talk with you.

Here is a video where one young girl talks about how she was bullied, even to the point of being given death threats…listen to how important she says that it is that you talk to someone.

Don’t try and do this on your own, either as a parent or as a young person.

If you are being bullied and not sure how to stop bullying…first and foremost…talk to someone, don’t carry this on your own. You need support. If you can’t talk to your parents, find someone (an adult) that you trust and talk to them, or ask a friend to go with you to talk to a teacher that you trust.

Charlotte & Jonathan – A don’t judge lesson

Yes this is Britain’s Got Talent, however it is a good lesson in not judging a person by how they look. Watch Charlotte & Jonathan as they are on stage and present themselves for their audition…how quick we are to judge someone just because they are different…it’s sad really and it is even sadder to see adults doing it.

It is interesting as you watch the continuing performances of these two and you can slowly see Jonathan’s confidence increase as he is given acceptance.

You can also see the amazing difference it makes to have the support of a friend. I believe Charlotte and Jonathan will go to amazing places because of their non-judging friendship and loyalty.

Every day look for small lessons to teach your children to be accepting of others differences instead of growing up to be a harsh judge of them. If we can do this, it may be just one small way to help stop bullying.

Your thoughts?

Your eyes and ears aren’t painted on…help stop cyberbullying

This video is from the Back Me Up Campaign that is being run in Australia at present. This is one of the video’s that has won a place. Grace’s message is powerful, if you see that someone is being bullied online, stand up for them…don’t just stand by and watch it happening. You can be the person that makes a difference.

How can you make a difference?